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    Membership in The Jaguar Club Northern Regions is extended to Jaguar owners through this invitation. The membership subscription fees are per annum and an entrance fee is payable. Membership subscription fees cover twelve months from the first of June each year and a reduction of fees by credit carried forward is given to members joining part way through a club calendar year.

    Full Membership

    Allows you to browse the website and access articles, galleries, event information, classifieds and manuals. This membership option is a paid option and is ideal for active club members in and around Gauteng.


    Social events

    The club runs a number of events, the monthly Sunday morning run to varios places around Gauteng, local social get-togethers (like the annual children’s Christmas party), local runs, and events in other parts of the country. See the “Events” page for more information.


    Each year the club runs a Jaguar Concours or Tops Only at which the best and the ordinary cars are on display. See what your car could look like! See the “Events” page for more information


    The club produces a new issue of the Jaguar Magazine every third month (with a newsletter in alternate months). The magazine contains Jaguar-related articles, advertising, news, and much more. See the “Magazine” page for more detail.

    Free classified advertisements

    Club members can place Jaguar-related classified ads in the magazine, newsletter, and on this web site (on the “Classifieds” page) free of charge.

    Jaguar books

    The club has a library of Jaguar books which can be loaned out, or referenced.

    Technical information

    The club has a number of members who are expert in various aspects of Jaguarism, so it’s always easy to find someone who can help with any particular problem. For each category of car there is a “Register Head” who can refer you to someone else with the appropriate knowledge.

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