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Driving a D-Type

                  This article may veer in the direction of “abuse of editorial privilege”. Having sampled an XF 2.2 Diesel on your behalf for the last issue, I was standing in the milk bar at the Vintage and Veteran Club wondering what I could do to entertain you for the upcoming issue, when in walked Clive Woolley. Clive, as...

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$ 2,5 Million Jag

If you want to buy one now, there are more than 100 to choose from. No,the defunct carmaker didn’t restart production. The tripling of the K3 fleet is part of the booming trade in fake antique autos as soaring prices for classic cars spur sophisticated counterfeits, according to Bernhard Kaluza, vice president of international antique auto...

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Fairest Cape Rally

With one notable exception, there can be nothing that compares with hearing Keith Richards hammering out the opening riff to ‘Satisfaction’ – whilst driving across the Karoo at 125 kph in a 1964 Mark II. One of the things on my personal bucket list has been to run the Fairest Cape Rally – an annual event run by the Cape Vintage Motorcycle...

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Jaguar AWD in Canada

Jaguar has shown the world it means business by launching its all-new Instinctive All Wheel Drive system in Montreal, Canada. Designed primarily for consumers in the Northern US and Canada, Jaguar put us on the same snowy, slushy and icy roads that many of its buyers will have to deal with. Rather than making declawed versions of the XJ and XF,...

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Jaguar wins British luxury award overseas

Dateline London - November 20th 2012 Jaguar has won the British Luxury Brand Overseas accolade at the prestigious Walpole Awards for Excellence 2012. The British Luxury Overseas award is presented annually by Walpole to the company judged to have achieved outstanding success in raising its profile and business overseas through export,...

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