Posted October 1st 2019

Herewith the minutes for the JCNR Annual General Meeting 2019


Minutes of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held at the Vintage and Veteran Club 18th August, 2019

1 Attendance  and apologies

Bob Brown

Brian Askew

Gavin Standing

Eric Mackeown


By Invitation:

: Brian Hastie

: Evert and Malvina Van Breemen

Members in attendance:


Apologies:  Gerry Kramer










Signed attendance register



2 Proxies




Proxies received were:

Peter Micklewright    in favour of Brian Askew;

Johan Booysen            in favour of Brian Askew;

Leon Van Zyl                in favour of Brian Askew;

Eugene Roets              in favour of the chairman;

Trevor Wagner            in favour of Brian Askew;

Syd Brett                       in favour of Brian Askew;

Deon Smit                     in favour of the chairman;

Sean Durkan                  in favour of the chairman;

Gerry Kramer               in favour of the chairman;

Brett Ferreira              in favour of the chairman.

With due notice having been given and a quorum in place, the chairman welcomed all attendees and declared the meeting properly constituted and convened.

3 Minutes of AGM held on 19th August ,2018.
  The minutes were taken as read and accepted, proposed and seconded by Geoff Connor and Rick Hogben.
4 Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.


The chairman reported that the committee had acted on points raised by members as follows:

·         Branding of the club was now more prominently displayed in the magazine.

·         New member packs were being made available electronically and a club windscreen sticker would be issued free to all existing and new members.

·         Events were being communicated in time through SMS, Facebook and by E-mail as well as on the club website. Planned future events were updated every six weeks.

5 Chairman’s report


The chairman’s delivered a comprehensive report which is attached hereto.

The main items commented on were:

·         Membership:     no significant growth was recorded.

·         The financial result – more fully covered in the Treasurer’s Report.

·         The challenge of making the club more appealing.

·         Inclusion of heritage as well as lifestyle events.

·         Attracting millennials while recognizing that we have an ageing membership base.

·         He appealed to members to take part more actively in events.

He summarized by assuring members that the club was sound and with focus on providing appealing events at attractive venues, such as the forthcoming awards lunch to be held on 6/10/2019 at the Johannesburg Country Club, we were confident of successfully growing the club.

6 Treasurer’s report
  The treasurer gave a brief comment on the Annual Financial Statements, copies of which had been distributed to the meeting.

·         The club had suffered a loss of R 10 173, notwithstanding that appreciable savings had been achieved in closing the clubhouse facilities. The previous year’s profit of R 23 878 had been wholly attributable to the proceeds of the clubhouse contents.

·         He drew attention to the desperate need to increase advertising revenue.

·         Current resources would only cover two more magazine issues unless we used our special savings account.

·         The prepayment of R 51 090 for the Sabie weekend which took place in June was offset by receipts from participants of R 61 500. This had also distorted the income from events for the year and showed an artificially high cash balance.

·         The current status of the bank accounts was R 62 265 in the current account and R 69 786 in the special savings account.

·         The current year loss had depleted our reserves to R 128 479.

After discussion the Annual Financial Statements were approved and adopted – proposed by Brian Askew and seconded by Geoff Connor.

6 Audit



The fee for the past audit of R 4 500 was approved.

It was agreed to continue with Ishikova Accounting Services ( Fox and Associates) for the new financial year.

7 Committee


The resignation of Geoff Connor was noted and he was thanked for his input. The remaining members agreed to stand for re-election and were re-appointed en bloc -proposed by John Meiring and seconded by Jack Lewthwaite. The committee was thanked for their efforts.

Members were requested to consider volunteering to fill two vacancies viz. technical matters and events organizing.

8 Address by Brian Hastie -JLRSA



BH gave a synopsis of developments in electric and hybrid vehicles and the challenges in creating the necessary support and servicing infrastructure.

He confirmed that JLRSA were committed to interacting with the club and emphasized the importance to JLRSA of the heritage aspect that the club promoted. Recent events held at the Jaguar /Land Rover Experience had demonstrated the kind of co-operation and mutual benefit that could be achieved.

The forthcoming Show Day on 1/9/2019 at the same venue would provide another opportunity to further the interests of the club while promoting the brand.

He recommended that the club should co-ordinate with JLRSA to source regalia and cautioned against unauthorized use of logos etc.

10 General


The treasurer thanked members for the prompt payment of their subscriptions.

It was suggested that the magazine should cover articles on rebuild projects.(Jack Lewthwaite).

Malvina Van Breemen suggested that more ‘lady focused’ events be included.

It was requested that all members reach out to vendors to secure advertising revenue and that those with businesses give consideration to supporting the club this way.

It was suggested that track days be arranged in conjunction with other clubs.

The need for technical assistance with restorations as well as information about parts and service providers was highlighted.

Members were requested to give suggestions about future events.

The chairman reported that the committee was engaged in arranging appropriate insurance cover for the club to ensure that no liability would arise should accidents or injuries occur while participating in club events. This might necessitate a change in the legal structure of the club.

The chairman announced a membership fee increase of R 40 applicable from 1/6/2020.

Fees would then be R 590 per annum and R 350 for country members.

  The chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and participation and invited all for drinks and snacks in the VVC clubhouse bar and to attend a demonstration of a car detailing product with a prize available for an attendee.
  The meeting closed at 12.45 hrs