The Jaguar Club Northern Regions is an independent organisation of enthusiasts who own Jaguar vehicles ranging from the classics of the early Thirties to the modern Jaguars of the current day. The club originated in 1977 from informal gatherings of a small band of dedicated Jaguar owners in the Johannesburg area to an organisation now comprising many hundreds of individuals from all over Southern Africa who wish to associate themselves with this superb marque. The purpose of the Jaguar Club is to further your enjoyment of all Jaguar automobiles. We accomplish this by exchanging information both at events and through our regular magazines.

The Jaguar Club magazine, the Jag Mag, the country's largest periodic non-commercial Jaguar publication, is written for Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts and is part of your membership. You will find great variety in the Jag Mag including articles on maintenance and restoration, descriptions of Jaguar events, product and book reviews, personal memoirs of Jaguar drivers and, of course, features on the Jaguars themselves. Apart from articles like these, there are regular sections like the Forum columns where you can communicate with the Jaguar world; the spares and consumer directory; and the successful free classifieds, which reach more Jaguar enthusiasts than any other publication. In short the newsletters and magazines keep you in touch with many Jaguar enthusiasts in the country.

Everything that we do is meant to appeal to both the Jaguar drivers and passengers as well as the Jaguar "engineers". While exchange of technical data is always important in discussions surrounding a thoroughbred like the Jaguar, the club's activities, like the Jaguar Magazine features, encompass many interests. Events include, to name just a few, Jaguar shows, technical sessions, museum tours, rallies and picnics. There is always something happening in the club and membership is as enjoyable as driving a Jaguar in good running condition.

Not only does membership keep you informed, it also provides you with another viewpoint about Jaguaring by virtue of its position as an independent Jaguar Car Club in South Africa.This allows membership of an informal club, that is, the members prefer to be without the usual attendance requirements of membership that are found in other organisations. Instead you will find it refreshing to belong to a group where your ideas are welcome and where there is no pressure to be active, but where your participation and help is always greatly appreciated. It is just this informal atmosphere that has made the club the largest Jaguar club in the country and has generated so much enthusiasm and interest from owners of the marque.