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To run the club effectively, it is vital that the committee have up-to-date details of the cars possessed by the members. This assists with planning events, organising special turn-outs, etc. Will all members please advise the secretary of your car details, (model, year) and also of any changes made in future. This information will not be given to anyone else.  Also we need to know your contact details, i.e. email address, phone number, postal address etc.

Membership Queries

For any queries regarding membership, new or existing, please contact the membership secretary

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Please email for information

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For any website queries, please contact the web administrator

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Cape Jaguar Club


Chairman: Tony Kings, 082-321-3019 WhatsApp,

Honorary Secretary: Janet Stevens, 079-392-5220 WhatsApp,

Honorary Treasurer: Roger Manton, 083-415-3184 WhatsApp,

Membership Secretary: Roger Manton, 083-415-3184 WhatsApp,

Publicity: Janet Stevens, 079-392-5220 WhatsApp,

Ex Officio:

Social Coordinator: Annamarie Barnard, 083-775-4502,

Cape Multi Car Club Liaison: Darryl Simpson, 082-453-4629,