One thought on “The JCNR

  1. I had a look at the new web site…

    I like it. Unpretentious, simple easy.

    Just a few comments:

    The member login page should have a “register” option for existing members? Now it looks like I’m having to re-apply for membership having to complete the entire membership form. OR, the membership page should state that this also applies to existing members for login registration .
    What if you have more than 3 cars?
    Some Titles for fields are above the fields and some below. State and Country should be above;
    No field for postal code?
    “Apt, Suite, Bldg.” Is supposed to be optional but if you leave it vacant the web site swears at you saying it MUST have a value.
    More detail on the 25th Nov event?
    Past events? With links to pictures (even if on FB)?
    I’ll volunteer for members and their cars with XJS and E. What do you need?
    How to find “Register heads”?
    Google found this page:
    But I can not find it from the site itself.

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